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If you're looking to start a LOWLINE Herd or just increasing your numbers we've got the right cattle for you. Here are 5 Fullblood Lowlines with 2015 Heifer calves by their side. All sired by the Iowa State Fair Grand Champion Bull Ulysses. Show quality calves to be sure.

• TWIN OAKS ELITE 2286. FF4291. Elite has produced a lot of fine calves for us. Great cow. Nice udders. Always breeds back. Good disposition. Heifer calf born 1/15

• LLB AMANDA A348 FF2007
Another nice mama cow. Always performs well here. Come and take a look. Heifer calf born 1/15

• LLB Y91 FF 15415
Here's a nice cow. Dropped her calf in 20 minutes and had it nursing right away. Very protective. Nice bag. Great mama. Heifer calf born 1/15.

•TWIN OAKS MADISON 410. FF 17634. One of our top combinations. There's no doubt this cow will produce. I am always happy when she gives me a bull calf. Great bag. Lots of milk. Bull calf born 1/15.

• SPRING CREEK WANDA. FF 8741. A very nice blocky cow. Thick and deep. Great bag. Good disposition. Great mama cow. Always breeds back. Heifer calf born 1/15.

• TWIN OAKS TUMBLEWEED. FF 21619. Very, very nice heifer. Come take a look at her.

• LLB ANNIE 218. FF 22428
This showy heifer is bound to produce. Bred to Twin Oaks "Big Time", a very nice, sound heifer.

• TWIN OAKS CARI. 1143P. FF 2616. Sire is Brackengrae Beau Lad. You just won't find these genetics around for sale. Thick and deep. This cow has the entire package. And bred to the champion bull "Ulysses".

• TWIN OAKS CORA 184P FF 2617. Embryo sister to Cari. Also sired by Brackengrae Beau Lad. These two stout LOWLINE cows are probably the last 2 Beau Lad cows to sell on the planet. Bred to Ulysses. You owe it to yourself to take a look.

FM 7760 - Full possession of this Grand Champion Bull. Not only did he win Grand at the Iowa State Fair, he was Reserve Grand Champion at The National Western Stock Show in Denver. He is also the Sire to..... Who won Grand Champion in Denver and the Sire of...... Who Won earned Grand Champion in Iowa. He is truly the right package for any breeder who believes as we do that quality doesn't cost, it pays!
All that muscle on grass alone!
Here's a show quality Fullblood Heifer bred to
Twin Oaks Big Time. Great looking sassy Heifer
bred to great genetics. Come and see her.
3/4 LOWLINE steer. If you serious about showing LOWLINE cattle please consider this guy.
Sired by Ulysses . No reasonable offer refused.

E-mail: flyboybax@icloud.com

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